Thursday Night DMZ


Join GRG as we run some Call of Duty DMZ matches. We’ll group up on our Discord chat and break off to multiple squads if the need arises.

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Haven’t played much of DMZ but I’m down

Will be on for a few rounds

I will definitely be on between 9mand 930 to help anyone trying to get their Faction Missions done.

Discord says 7pm but I don’t know if discord automatically adjusted for my time zone.

I’m assuming 7pm EST?

9PM EST will be the time.

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Just remember it’s teams of 3. We’ll be on Discord. So we’ll need people to break out into groups. There is a Join Here - Temp room on the server. This will auto create you a room if needed.

Or just use an empty voice chat room.

Going to re-run this again tonight. We’ll meet over Discord.

I won’t be able to play late as I have a 10PM upgrade to do with work, but you fuckers can group up without me.