Titanfall 2 New Titan Arrives This Week, Double XP for All Modes

Complying to its commitment to offer free DLC and maps, this time Respawn has announced its next Titanfall 2 update coming May 30th.

This update includes:

  • One new Titan
  • Two prime Titans
  • One new map
  • One new execution
  • Fixes to the Crashsite map
  • New nose art, camouflages and callsigns purchasable on the store

The new Titan: Monarch
The Monarch is a Franken-titan made from two different Vanguard-class Titans (Militia Titans) re-built by the IMC. Since the Titan was made to go deep into enemy lines, the Monarch was built with many possible functions, being the first Titan in Titanfall 2 with upgrade paths. The Monarch will also be able to take energy from enemy Titans to recharge its shields. Some can even see it as playing again as BT, but in multiplayer.

Two Prime Titans: Ronin and Tone
Prime Titans are simply cosmetic and usually have a cost of $4.99. These two add to the existing five Prime Titans available.

New map: Relic
Relic is a classic from Titanfall and is coming back with the new update.

Map fixes: Crashsite
Crashsite was cleaned up with around 100 fixes to issues with “getting bumped, bonked, stuck or tripped up” and now has eight new zip lines and new wall running locations.

Respawn has also released a showcase of the new update features, including also a preview of the new stealth execution.

Upon the release of the new update, Titan Brawl will be the Featured mode and all modes will have Double XP. Respawn has not confirmed for how long the Double XP event will take.

The Monarch Reign update will be available May 30th.