Titanfall 2 overview

Multiple people been asking questions about TF2, debating on purchasing it. @DuvalFunk @Cptnkillr going to try address your questions here.

As far as being a pilot I would label it twitchy. Pilots die pretty fast. Lot of customization to go with player style. You can have a good setup to set camp and kill from range or be very mobile and get in people’s face, or even be a good support for your team.

Titan play is a whole other story. Titan’s are all about knowing their strengths and weaknesses, especially going head to head with another Titan. Example Scorch and Legion are tank types. Scorch is about spreading lasting damage forcing enemy Titans into corners or not going certain ways. Legion is more defenderish, can give good cover fire, focus on short or long range but is by far the slowest of Titans and preparing his weapon can be rough. On the opposite side is Northstar who is a glass Cannon. Northstar has no true defenses except for a tether if it can trap an enemy and it’s mobility. Northstar is sniper like and does the most damage especially ranged. It sometimes has to use hit and run tactics. There are six different Titans with all different loudouts.

As far as map there is not a lot but I guess average for a release, maybe 5 or 6.

As far as weapons: There are 4 different assault rifles, 4 different Submachine guns, 3 MLG, 3 snipers, 2 shotguns, and 4 grenadier types. Secondaries are 4 different pistols and 4 different anti-Titan weapons.

More customization is there are 7 tactical abilities, can only choice one. This is cooldown abilities like grapple, cloak, sonar dagger. Then long cool downs that you also learn called “boost” that charge faster with points earned through doing damage or doing objectives. This has various things some of the most used is map hacks and radar jammer, there are also turret sentries here and this is now where the smart pistol holds its special place.

Then there are some perks you can choice. Wall hang is one of them. Hoover that when aimed in you hover mid air for a short time.

All the grenades from the first one plus 3 more. A throwing star that does damage over time where ever it hits. This is good for killing groups of AI if in a game type that has AI, or trying to keep players out of areas. Gravity star grenade type will pull players toward center of explosions allowing friendliest to take pop shots at them then it does a damage burst. The damage burst will not kill a fully healed pilot. The last new grenade isn’t really new to the series, it’s electric smoke you can throw.

Anymore questions let me know. And without ruin anything the single player campaign is really fun as well. Story is meh, like almost every action video game story line ever. But the gameplay is lots of fun. I recommend playing on Master diffficulty, hardest setting.


Thanks for the write up sir. Very informative.

with all future DLC free. So there’s that.