Titanfall 2 writer confirms single-player campaign, suggests TV series in the works

not really a shocker here. I still think MS rushed tf2 out before it was ready. Civil war in space sounds good. Hope each sides’ titans have different aesthetics to reflect the story/history.
Titanfall 2 will have a single-player campaign, the game’s lead writer confirmed for Forbes in an interview. Moreover, developing studio Respawn Entertainment is looking into a companion TV series about Titanfall, to premiere when the game launches.

In a podcast interview about a year ago, Titanfall’s community manager hinted at a traditional campaign. Jesse Stern has confirmed to Forbes that is a part of the game.

Stern’s writing credits include Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 in addition to a five-year stint on the CBS crime drama NCIS. He told Forbes that he is working with Lionsgate TV on a series set in Titanfall’s sci-fi world.

Stern acknowledged that the cost of doing so could be large, so the TV plans do not seem to have a formal commitment yet.

Titanfall 2, however, is fully a go for Respawn Entertainment and publisher Electronic Arts, launching sometime before March 2017. Titanfall 2 will not be exclusive to the Xbox One, meaning this project should bring in more money than its predecessor and thus, have more resoures for development.

Forbes has a lot more in its conversation with Stern about his vision for the Titanfall universe and how to communicate that to players, who he suggests were a little disconnected from that world in a multiplayer-only Titanfall.

Source: Polygon

I am in the rarity with the community but played Titanfall a few months ago and was enjoying it for what it is. Haven’t played much lately since it is not in style here.

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I also enjoyed it big time when it had first come out and for a few months thereafter. Died pretty rapidly within GRG, but still fired it up from time to time over the months. Really led the charge with the parkour-meets-FPS gaming that we’ve seen in rapid proliferation as of late…for good or for bad, will leave that for people to decide for themselves (I personally like the added complexity it brings).

Titanfall should be a single player only game, the multilayer was very lackluster. Player verse plAyer infantry fights were random and infrequent. You spent more time fighting bots. Things only got interesting when you got your titan. And even that wasn’t much fun.

Cool concept, it just missed it’s mark.

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I actually liked titanfall just not enough people playing it there was good and bad about it but it did open the way for a lot of the new physics in newer FPS games

FALSE, ya crabby old grumpkin! Multiplayer was fantastic. The parkour and fluidity of movement was unmatched, much better than Destiny (and I love the movement style in Destiny) and infinitely better than blops 3. There were all sorts of crazy multiplayer elements that were very interesting like being able to set your Titan on auto pilot and then hopping out to attack from a different angle on foot. Definitely suffered from lack of a single player campaign though. Co-Op missions would be awesome as well.

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If Titanfall’s MP was so great, why did it fade so quickly?

@Lala Too hard for Grumpkins?

Titanfall pretty much pushed most of the older FPS into the next century (COD, Halo) It was a great game that was too soon for a lot of the site. As far as single player goes, this site doesn’t do much single player after a week or two. It’s all hanging out and pvping, Destiny aside.

I disagree Rau. The game offered wall walking and bots but was pretty much CoD in the future. It really was just a re-skinned CoD title. My main issue was just the lack of player vs player fights while not in a titan. Shooting bots is not my idea of fun.

Remember, Titanfall didn’t just burn out quickly here. Hey, if you liked it then good for you. I was just hoping for a little more.

I’m thinking it’s main issue was lack of options. There were only 3 mechs to pick from, and limited weapon options once you were in them. Add to that very few game types (more added later, but too late for most who had already moved on). Ultimately it got stale from sheer repetition.

That said…I’d pick up the sequel at launch more than likely.



  1. Your Mom
  2. There was no story/PVE to back it up and to give it a soul and depth to the world
  3. As Balek said, it was too light on options