"Title is required" my ass.

Ok. After playing what I felt was a lackluster beta for CoD, I said fuck it and I’ve paid for Destiny 2.

So is there anything I should do, or know about this game?

Yeah, write a proper title so people know what the fuck you’re posting about.


  1. Log on
  2. Shoot things
  3. Collect loot
  4. Wear better loot than the shit you have on
  5. Rinse
  6. Repeat

Are you bagging CoD?

Yeah. Kind of. More than a few things need to be fixed, but since this was a beta I doubt they will be. Quick scoping is rediculously OP and hasn’t been this bad since CoDMW…it’s actually worse. This is fine as I know how to quickscope, but because it’s p2p it REALLY favors host.

Also, classes are simplistic, loadouts seem redundant, ads times are slow and shotguns are op. It heavily favors a spray and pray play style. Kill streaks don’t really lead into each other as much as they have in the past, so they’re harder to get, and even getting a UAV requires at least a 5 kill streak. Then there’s the fact the UAVs are too difficult to get rid of which leads to a cascade of UAVs as whatever team gets one first has a significant advantage, making it almost impossible to ever keep them out of the sky. If a team has continuous air coverage, and always knows where you are then you are playing at a severe disadvantage. It’ll be fun where you win, and maddening when you lose, which will all hinge on that first UAV, not the capture points, or the Kills Confirmed. Seems like flawed gameplay to me.

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I felt that your site telling me a “Title is required” oppressed me by forcing me to do something I didn’t want to.

The fact I didn’t know I didn’t want to do this until this site prompted me to do so because I forgot to is neither here, nor there.

In protest I decided I should prove to the man, you, that you are not the boss of me, and I’ll subvert the message you planted to sound my clarion call for the rights of all people to not title their posts.



An ELI5 would be:

Title is required?
I don’t wanna.


I have a safe space for you… It’s in my pants.


safe is right

the little button mushroom couldn’t harm a flea


Nice immersive gameplay over the original!

You be quiet and don’t join in on our reindeer games. Mr Antisocial.

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Don’t forget teabagging. ALWAYS teabag, especially if its Lala. He likes that shit.

I secretly want to play it but I can’t bring myself to spend the $60.

Also, teaming up at night with you guys on any game is near impossible with my second job on top of my time zone.

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Stop being so cheap. Buy the damn game. If you don’t like it I’ll have @Gunny give you a few free vouchers for the glory hole to make up for it.

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I’ll do it too!

Grumpy Anti-social behavior!!!
I told you I will go find some noise foam and insulate my closet, so I can speak freely and be your West Coast Best Coast D2 companion.

The soothing sounds of Short Bus whispering “ptfo, you blueberry fuck!!”