Tom Clancy Game Channel for Discord

Can we consider adding a Tom Clancy Game Channel, maybe also a Voice Room, to the Discord server?

I personally play a lot of Rainbow Six: Siege and think enough others do where it may warrant a dedicated text channel on Discord, especially to encourage people to play before this “Outbreak” game mode ends. Anyone share that sentiment?

The Voice channels are open for any game. Just take one and run with it. I changed the MMO one to Random Game. Have at it.

As for a Tom Clancy channel? Do we have enough discussion to warrant another Discord channel? We really prefer to funnel actual conversations to the forums (I know, yucky and all that) as the forums is really a better tool for the whole community to have a discussion. Remember, the forums update in real time even on mobile. It will also show if someone is replying (just like chat). Finally conversations will be seen by all of GRG, not by the select few that happen to witness the discussion he exact moment it hits chat.

Maybe if there is a huge influx of RS6 chat we could start a channel.

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Totally agree, don’t see enough chat in Discord focused on that game to warrant its own channel (yet anyway).

I’d suggest throwing up a forum LFG style post whenever you’re going to play and mentioning the usual details (platform,time,timezone,game).

You’re more likely to get responses through that than a message in a Discord channel anyway.

Obviously feel free to use one of the voice chat channels when you’re actually playing.