Tom Clancy Ghost Recon Wildlands PC


If anyone is interested, Blueshock and I just bought this game on PC. 67% off with Steam Sale. Looking for a 4th to fill our squad. @IG80EIGHTH is already on board!

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I have it and lack people to play with. I have limited play time but will be available tonight

We are online now. In the Discord if you want to join us. Otherwise add me on Steam.


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I wont be on for another 20-30 minutes at least

Sorry for bumping old thread but anyone up for PvP or campaign? I bought the game at release and only played a few hours. Trying to get back into it again after all the updates.

Traveling for business right now but I’ll play next week!


Add me on steam and I’ll play. nickcappp


Anyone else playing GRW on PC and want to team up with @LightmanT?