Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Wildlands Beta Reviews

I agree with @unobtainaballs After the initial 15min I couldn’t help but think of “Just Cause”…However there are recon/sim elements to the game.

It became instantly more enjoyable when I switched over to Co-Op and everyone was on mic. A Lot of laughs. I do see a eventual decline of interest due to possible mission repetitiveness, but then again it depends on the person.

I see a mix of elements from games like Assassin’s Creed, Division, Ghost Recon, and Just Cause in this game. The fact that you can approach the various missions from different angles and styles of game play will allow a lot of replay, but also the squad mates you run with can completely change things up.

Last night, i did a public co-op where the group was super serious and literally trying to stealth everything and time the sync shots…def a cool experience…then later I was in a group that was nothing but shenanigans and was also was a blast.

Running around SoLo with the A.I…I see the A.I. being abused…but maybe just actual intended mechanic. So far I run recon and surveillance with Drone and Big Eyes…tag targets, sync, and order shots. If it’s at night, I have been shooting out the lights or cutting power, positioning the squad inside the target areas and then opening fire.

Graphically…we saw the same thing happen with the division…optimization will come.

Co-Op…pretty seemless, did notice you lose A.I. Ghosts even if you only have 1 actual co-op person. Did see some glitches last night where when joining another players ‘world’ and you both had the same missions…the missions elements appeared at different locations on each others map.

Weapons…looks like there is going to be plenty and with the weapon customization, people will be searching for those parts for awhile. Paint Jobs are a thumbs up. Not only is the weapon itself customizable, each individual part is as well.

Character Creation…Lots of options, but nothing super detailed like an mmo. Head, Body, Clothes, Accessories, Tattoos, Gender. Various clothes and gear options also had color options. No sliders.

Vehicles… Controls are different. Don’t expect GTA controls here, especially flying. There is a certain finesse to the controls. Vehicles are sluggish yet twitchy based on your speed. Air Vehicles seem to be affected by weather conditions. Had plenty of helo flights where squadmates were shooting targets while airborne.

Missions… varied…Everything from kill, extract, interrogation, deliver, rebel assist, etc…Def possible for repetitiveness in this area…but just depends on your play style.

Character Movement… clunky at times. No ‘controled’ cover system like the Division. It is more of a ‘intent’ based system. IE if your crouching and move near an object that can be utilized for cover, your character will press up against it. And the same goes for walking around corners or peeking around corners…there was some frustration getting used to this.

Shooting… can be done in 1st or 3rd person. There is the classic recon ‘shoulder-view’ switching available. I thought this area was very well refined. Including ‘hit-boxes’ on targets. Did not experience any target clipping or scenarios where i was shooting targets but was not registering.

Enemy A.I. …So i played on the veteran level (think it was the default choice) and was pleased and surprised. Had an experience where the 3 actual player squadmates were eliminated, I was in a crows nest doing recon surveillance and reporting…and i observed the npcs communicating my position and running flanking movements until the building I was located in was surrounded. Another experience during a Night-Op…I was solo …Left the squad behind while i recon’ed ahead of them. Marking enemies and taking out the lighting systems…during one of the light shots…and npc heard the sound…contacted other NPC and proceeded to search not only the position I was in…but the surround areas. After crawling into some tall grass and behind a rock…I had an NPC standing a few feet from me just as there search ended. SO…this is not a Run’n’Gun type of A.I.

Overall…I am pleased with it and will probably pick this title up. Favorite part of Last nights experiences…we decided to track a lieutenant and interrogate for information. As soon as our presence was made aware, he fled the little outpost in a truck. The squad (actual players) took control of a small helo and we made our chase with the goal of preserving his life so we could extract info.

We chased him into and through some mountains doing side strafes to take out the vehicle tires…he switched vehicles twice on us before we finally were able to get head and drop a squad mate on ground near by to obtain a car. Helo went back sky born with 3 ghost flying and 1 ghost ground-bound in car. Again we made chase and disabled the vehicle. This time the helo hard landed in front of him with the ground chaser blocking the rear.

The NPC tried to jump into another vehicle, and one of the GHOST jumped into the passenger seat and pushed the NPC out of the driver seat onto the road, where another quickly grabbed him up. The whole ordeal was about a 30-40min venture. And this was after we already tried to do the interrogations but kept killing the targets. So total was prob close to 90min getting this process down.


Good review. I agree with a lot of it. Smooth beta for sure. Obvious pre release issues. Weapons clipping through vehicles is a big one I noticed while driving with AI. Vehicle, ground air and water handling all need to be addressed.

I also rolled a truck down the hill with my AI passengers and landed on the roof. The AI kept glitching in and out of the vehicle and floating around it. It was pretty funny.

As a side note, I located a bird with dual mini guns which I used to stop a medical convoy. That was a LOT of fun.

I’m going to check out some co-op tonight. The only draw back I can see like I mentioned in the other thread is repetition in the missions like The Division has. We also haven’t seen the PvP aspect yet either which I’m really looking forward to. Ghost Recon for the original Xbox is what got me into online gaming. I’m picking this one up and seeing what’s what for sure.

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The more I play it the more I like it. It reminds me of Mercenaries 2 without the over the top weapons and explosions. I haven’t tried co-op yet.

So far I have gone from exited pre beta, to wait till it’s $30 after 15 minutes of beta, to I will probably preorder it at a discount from BB.

I can see how co-op could be a ton of fun both being serious and planning, or throwing @TexasReaperCrew in the pilot seat of an attack chopper and crashing face first into an enemy base guns blazing.

I do like some of the small touches like using Oakley and 5.11 gear, and having morale patches. I kinda nerd out on that stuff though.


Shit will get fucked up, that’s a promise



Anyone want my BETA code? I won’t get a chance to play it. First come first serve.


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That Xbox or Steam>?