Top Five

Okay,so it’s 3 in the morning and I can’t friggin sleep. I watched Too Five the other day and as I browse the Internet looking to suddenly fall asleep I thought about some of my favorite games.

My two questions are what are your top 5 games of all time and why is number 1, number 1?

My top 5 are:
5. Mario Kart 64
4.Left 4 Dead
3.Super Mario WorlD 3D
2. Resident Evil 4

  1. Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time

Why is Zelda numero uno? If you have to ask, then you’ve never played it. This game was damn near the perfect game. It had a fantastic story, amazing graphics, easy and well configured controls. The game was long enough to make sure you got your money’s worth, and there was plenty to do. Racing on your trusty steed, or relaxing and fishing in the pond. And of course, like every other Zelda game, searching for all the hidden heart pieces and secrets in the game. If they remarked this one, or even just re-released it on the Wii U, I would buy the system right away.

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It’s so hard to narrow my list down. I have so many fond hours in many games, that this took some thinking. But, after much thought, I believe these would have to be my top 5:

5.) Shadow of the Colossus
4.) Mario Kart 64
3.) Final Fantasy III on SNES (aka Final Fantasy VI)
2.) Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time
1.) Starcraft

@beers_and_leafs, I hemmed and hawed about LoZ:OoT, but I had to move it down to #2. It’s always been one of my favorites, but Starcraft was the pinnacle of my childhood gaming career. I’m pretty sure it’s what grew my interest in computers/networking as well. Starcraft was the first LAN game I was able to play with my local friends. In fact, @tremount and I used to spend hours upon hours playing. Figuring out how to setup the LAN was half the fun for me, haha. A fast paced RTS-style game with so many dynamics for its time. Good graphics, stable platform, and a pretty good player base. Many fond memories.

Just trying to think of putting games on a top 5 list is hurting my brain. I just cant do it. Too many great games that I’ve played over the course of my life. Answering the question would require some serious thought.

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  1. Last Airbender, easiest 1000 GS
  2. KOTR2,
  3. Mass Effect 1
  4. BioShock 1
  5. L4D2, competitive zombie game that wasn’t too stupid but had enough comical one liners to not be boring. Put over 100+ hours into co op, best time I ever had online always fun no matter if Timmie tried to ruin it.

didn’t play Zelda since the one on original Nintendo.

Not in order, more chronological. It’s easy for me to think of a lot fo good games, but i was trying to think of games i would want to go back and play again. I love mech games but there hasnt been one good enough to be on this list. same with flying games like ace combat.

Street fighter II turbo something on Sega genesis - this was my first real intro to fighting games, i believe i played SFII on SNES but i didntnow how to do fireballs and sonic booms until i made friends with a kid on my school bus. He had a sega and some form of SFII. he taught me the moves and i got hooked. was introduced into lots of other games in that time also.

Super Mario World - I believe i’m remembering this right, it was the one that introduced yoshi and there was 5 secret yoshis with powers. i remember finding out about them and unlocking them all. lots of hours in that game… probably the perfect game.

Street Fighter alpha 3 - Mastered this fucking game. I dont know why but in middle school i played the shit out of this. i still have the disc and refuse to get rid of it. I memorized frames of animation since some attacks did more damage if they hit in the final frame… I dug deep into the characters back stories, making sure i beat the arcade mode with each character to see the ending. ah the brady games guide was so wonderful. It also had about a page of background info on each character. one of the only games i woke up EARLY before school to play before the bus showed up.

Brutal Legend - Something about this game hit me. Humor, animation, story, voice acting, i loved it all. One of the only games that i beat thoroughly and would like to go back to. It also introduced me to a lot of music i was familiar with. Anthrax - riding shotgun, Judas Priest - leather rebel, Breadfan… ah so much good stuff. The story ended on a cliff hanger which was a bummer. The planned sequel did not get greenlit due to low sales even tho it did well critically. There are reports that with the help of kickstarted a sequel may be created.

Saints Row II - Again, musta been the timing of it. I loved this game. thought it was WAY better than GTA IV. story was serious enough but still had humor, good mission design, good character development. playing co-op with a friend was awesome too. also still own the special edition even tho i can’t play it.

honorable mention - Legends of Dragoon. Steller JRPG for the playstation. My bro and I both played the game to the fullest.

damn and rogue squadren gamed for the 64 too… ugh… still prolly not top 5 tho…