Top Gear UK

Does anyone else watch the show? I’m a pretty big fan of the Clarkson/May/Hamster combo and have been watching the new season with Leblanc and dipshit Mcgee. Top Gear was probably my favorite show on TV along side of Archer, and was really bummed out when it all fell apart. I’ve been sitting here waiting for the Grand Tour to come out on Amazon, which I haven’t figured out how to watch in Canada yet, so I thought I would watch the new Top Gear to see how they are doing with it.

My opinion: There is no chemistry going on. Everything is script script script, punchline, poorly delivered lines and a shit ton of screaming done by Chris Evans. Chris Evans drives me completely nuts. The guy has the charisma and screen presence of a baboon and he can’t drive around corners. All of his “test drives” are done in a straight line, and it involves flooring it and screaming his stupid ginger head off. When he gets in a car to take the corners, he’s a passenger and ends up losing his lunch halfway through the test.

Matt Leblanc is great. He’s charismatic, he’s one hell of a driver and he has on screen experience. Adding him to the show was a great move. I don’t have anything negative to say about his work on Top Gear this season. I also just read (because I’m really bored at work) that he will quit if Chris Evans doesn’t leave the show for next season. I don’t think Chris Evans has a place on this show. His interviews are terrible, and in combination with my rant above about this asshat, he should leave immediately. It’s what the co-hosts want, and it’s what the fans are demanding.

Sabine is a great driver, and she’s appeared on the show numerous times over the years. I hope she continues to be a presence. I’m unfamiliar with the others that have been on. I’ll need to see more of them before making a judgement call on that.

I miss the specials and the shenanigans. There was one episode this season where they sent everyone to South Africa, and it was just stale. Bad editing, bad everything. With the exception of Leblanc and Sabine, I’ve been pretty disappointed in what they’ve done with this opportunity.

End Rant


I watch the old show all the time. I have probably watched every episode at least 3 times.

I have not watched the new show yet.

I also just saw that the US version got canceled. Not surprised on that one. You really can’t beat Clarkson, May, and the Hamster.

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You should check out a couple of episodes of the new one. When Chris Evans isn’t on screen, it’s actually entertaining.

The US was canceled? I didn’t even realize it was still going lol. That was a boring series.

This actually explains it pretty well