Trackmania Turbo Skids Out Of 2015

Ubisoft has announced a delay for Trackmania Turbo, with the game skidding out of 2015, missing its planned December 1 release. Developer Nadeo needs more time across a number of areas.

Items on the docket for improvement include the campaign, interface, and multiplayer modes. The last of these requires additional testing to ensure that the online services are stable when the game does launch.

In addition to improvements in previously announced content, Nadeo will be adding a mode to challenge friends on user-created tracks. As part of this, the track builder will be getting some refinements for ease of use. The random generator will also be improved before launch.

Trackmania Turbo is now slated for release in early 2016 on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC.

*My thoughts:

Oh wow look another Ubisoft delay. This was one of the games during E3 before the current gen released that I was excited about because the trailer looked so good.