Travel Mug

I like to have a coffee for my morning drive to work. The mug I have now sucks. Its a smaller diameter on the bottom so its always tipping over. It doesn’t seal up very well so when it does tip over it leaks. It’s got a handle that always gets snagged on something. Dreadful fucking travel mug.

Any suggestions on a better travel tumbler?

20 ounce, vacuum insulated, good tight leak proof lid and no fucking handle.


Last Xmas I got my in-laws a set of the Ozark Trail 20oz tumblers (Yeti rip-offs) from Amazon and they love them.
They have a thinner base, but fit in the center console holes.

Being the yuppie that I am I’m required to own Starbucks Stainless steel travel mugs. They do a great job holding the heat. Not crazy about lid. You have to slide it open to drink from it. I’ve had it for a few years and that slide comes off the mug real easy.

This is what I have.

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Yeti Tumbler
RTIC Tumbler (Yeti alternative)
AVEX FreeFlow Stainless Autoseal Water Bottle
Ozark Trail Vacuum Insulated Tumbler
GSI Outdoors Commuter Mug

I have used all of these. In the time that I used them they were great. They all are about the same price too.

Most have tapered bottoms and no leak proof top.

Starbucks? NEVER!!!


So far the Thermos stainless king is on the top of my list.

Leak proof lid. That’s probably the top must have for me.

The Starbucks tumblers are top notch. Keeps my coffee hot for hours

Plus all Starbucks are now pokestops or gyms… I know your into squirtles



This might be something to look at too.

Got this bubba one as a gift, works well but like most tumblers, it leaks when tipped.

Don’t tip your shit over, dude

I have a friend who swears by his “Mighty Mug” - it’s unspillable, and they have a few different types.

Kraigers…'ve had the same “thermos” brand travel mug for 7 years. Bought it at walmart for 17 bucks and thought it was a crazy price but was absolutely worth it. Keeps my coffee hot for 6-8 hours. for realz hot…not luke warm.

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Same with my Thermos branded thermos. It holds 2 mugs of coffee and will keep it hot all day long. I once forgot to drink the 2nd cup, drank it at home at 4:30 and it was still hot. It was coffee I poured in it at around 7:00 am.


That’s just nasty

No, it was tasty.

I bought the Thermos.

Used it this morning for the first time.

-7 degrees when I jumped into my truck. The outside of the mug was cold. I scorched my tongue on every sip.

Leak proof lid, stable base and very hot beverages. Perfect.


Good Work Kraig. Merry Christmas to you…

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Who wouldn’t?