Treyarchs new dlc delivery system ( MUST READ )

I’m Throwing more gasoline of the Black ops 3 hate fire but as must as I like COD and plan on playing still I do not agree with this. Treyarchs has overstepped this time it’s bullshit

Fucking blops

Whelp looks like it’s getting deleted and traded in. Already wasting space on my HD. I don’t need it to waste more for no reason.

i got the space and I already had the season pass. it just pisses me off that they already have micro-transactions. now they want my storage space. i’m a game horder. so I make sure I got plenty of space. but not everyone is that way. and 9.1 GB is no small amount of space and that’s just the first one add them all together and blam hard drive filled up. all the devs are becoming damn money whores


Halo DLC is free.

I’m surprised the map packs are that big. What are they, 3-4 maps per pack?

3 maps plus weapons

Plus Barbie dress up skins I’m sure.


Yeah I bet the zombie maps take up a lot of that data

letting the people know what the hell the devs are doing