Tuesday Night Raid report

We did pretty well for a last minute raid. Everyone knew the fights so it went really smooth. @mnvikesfan was the loot winner, I think he got EVERYTHING. I managed to get the Fusion Rifle, Midha’s Reckoning. It’s at 304, might infuse my 1000 yard stare with it. I also got the Hunter’s Chest at 306. I already had it at 300, so I gave the 300 to my titan to infuse his shit up.

We got to the Sisters and called it a night as it was pretty late. Didn’t even start that fight. So I have that check point to do. I also swapped to my Titan at Warpriest, so I have that check point as well. 2 good starting areas to pick up from.

So who wants to raid this week?

Count me in. I thought tonight went very well. We should’ve ran sisters a couple of times, just to get a better idea if it.

i am up for raiding this week. Maybe tonight or are we doing crucible?

I’m up for either. I’d love to finish out the raid. We’re at the sisters. Or we can pick up a new group and start at the Warpriest.

Corrected my OG post. The titan is parked at warpriest.

i am good with either. would like to get some more armor pieces, only have the boots right now. So i would vote for war priest.

I’m off tomorrow, so I’m gonna be drunk by bed time. I vote raid

it was a good run for the most part- BTW I hate the fucking jump puzzles. They are just a waste time


I’ll be down for some raiding this week. I haven’t done it at all, so I would need some Sherpa action.

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Like Duval… I have not finished the raid and will need some Sherpa assistance. I started it last week and got to the Warpriest but no further.

@DuvalFunk @shortbus @Wansy I’ll look for you guys around 9e, we will see what kind of damage we can do!