Twitch Page Criticism Needed

Reapers…well I could use your help…I have started streaming randomly here and there when I am online. Being that I just realized I could customize the twitch channel, I started messing around, testing and adding things to it.

First link is the streaming page, and the picture is the profile page.


Please check it out…suggestions, tips, tricks and what-have-nots all welcome.

There are 3 different tiles for GRG, only need one, titled my gaming community or whatever. I wouldn’t list the whole gaming library but what 3-4 games you are currently playing. Get rid of storylines completed as it doesn’t really matter. Also have a tile listing other social media, YT, Twitter, or FB


Looks good man, I subbed. The only suggestion I would have on top of what Klown said, was to put a FAQ section with type of system, how long you been playing your most popular game (playing cod for 6 yrs) what type of headset etc etc. Hope this helps. I need to work on mine lol