- How do I get featured on the GRG website?

If you would like your channel featured under the Twitch tab on the front page post your Twitch handle below. We may at some point limit the amount, at that point we will probably keep the most active streamers on the list.

If you stream on a weekly or nightly basis we can also host your channel on the GRG Channel. Please contact D1G1TALC1PHERS or GREX if you are interested in your channel being hosted.



I need all the help I can get, tired of seeing 0 viewers LOL

@Klown4Life - I added you to the twitch page as a featured streamer. If you have any clips save up on YT or something like that send em over. Would like to add more to the portfolio page as well.

@Grex where do I post the videos?

You can just PM me the link, or I created this topic a while back for stuff like that.

Just let me know your twitch handle and i will add you to the list of users on the front page.

Nice. Love your icons btw.


That’s my Twitch name if I could be put on the Twitch page. I usually stream whenever we’re playing CoD.

We’ll get you added.

I added you to the page. You’ll have to talk to @D1G1TALC1PHERS or @Grex if you want to be on the TwitchTV channel. They are both away this week.

Awesome, thanks!

Just fancied up my Twitch page and am going to start broadcasting on there. Sjam613 of course.

Added you to our page. I’m going to have to look into our channel. I think Digital said we need to set a schedule up. I don’t know the first thing about twitch. I’ll never understand why people would want to watch others play games.

I don’t either but people do.

i watch games that i dont own. its usually ppl from podcasts that i listen to whom i watch. i watched GamerOverGreggy play dying light for an hour and a half since i wasnt sure if i wanted to buy it. Ive also watched ppl play some of the early access games that require to buy a founders membership or whatever to play… thats typically it… MAYBE competitions sometimes but thats pretty rare.

I usually watch my fellow Grim Reapers at work as well, especially on the long nights.

I’ll be streaming teso in a few if you’re interested.

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Sorry teso and twitch aren’t playing nice together. I’ll keep trying.

I’ve seen other xbox people streaming the beta, but I get an error. I did a test stream earlier with a different game and it was fine . Any idea what could be wrong?

have you checked the beta forums for the game. anything in there. they also might not be doing in on their xbox but capturing the the stream with a pc.