Two New Weapons Added to PUBG

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds will be getting two new weapons.

VG24/7 reports the weapons in question are the DP-28 LMG and the AUG A3 assault rifle. They’re now available on the game’s test servers, which went live earlier this morning. However, it’s not yet known whether these weapons will make it out along with version 1.0 in December, or be released separately.

The DP-28 (pictured above) fires 7.62mm rounds, holds 47 rounds, and is a low-rate-of-fire LMG. It can be used with RDS sights and the 4x scope and can be found as a loot drop all over the island.

AUG A3 (above), which can only be found via crates, is an assault rifle that fires 5.56mm rounds. It has a high rate-of-fire, high muzzle velocity, and low vertical recoil. It holds a 30-round magazine but can be upgraded to 40.

It was recently revealed that 40% of PUBG’s 18 million players are playing on the game’s first-person servers. The game will be coming to Xbox Game Preview in December.

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