Underground in the Divison

Last min event. Going to be running in the mean streets of NY and wanted to get in and do some underground missions. Who’s down. @DivisionPlayersGroup

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@Grex I will be on so throw my name on that list.

I’ll run it but I’ll be a bit late. Youngest has basketball until 9.

i’m not even level 30 and haven’t done underground. Still an option?

I couldn’t play underground when I saw it. Too low.

You’re going to need to be 30. Once you ding 30, gearing up to 256 is pretty easy. Its getting the gear to min max shit that’s tough.

Good games last night running around with @Grex, @Lala_Calamari, and @koldfront_kraig. Found out tier 5 named elites on challenge mode missions are no joke. Even with @Lala_Calamari sheparding us around and leading from the rear we couldn’t get past the last boss because we were to low. That being said the devs made the game worth playing again.

Seriously. In the five mins we spent just running around doing the elite bounties, I got more drops to increase my gear score than in the hour we spent dicking around in that daily mission.

Another good way to raise your gear level is to go in to a higher gear level Dark Zone with people that are geared up. You will get 256 drops quickly.

Most of the Daily and Weekly HVTs are doable with two Shepard’s and two lower tier guys. I’ve found that running the Hard and Challenging Story missions (Napalm, Refugee Camp, Lincoln Tunnel and Police Academy) with lower tier guys, they get more drops from the NPCs than the rewards and the shepard just donates the shareable gear.

We started doing the HVTs at a higher leverl. Got one done didn’t get the 2nd. The 2nd was full of grenaders and you just couldn’t get set up at all. Grenades going off constantly. And I was the only one close to being geared to handled 34s.