Upcoming clan war personnel

So, I just got the notification that there was a clan war starting on the 29th. My friend Yeeps who has been playing with us got his confirmation notice from signing up, but hasn’t received his xbox clan invite. Any way we can get one to him before the war begins?

What platform are you guys on?

im gonna assume xbox

Whoops missed that.

@beers_and_leafs. Stop slacking.


Fuckin Canadians!

@yeepa31 invite on its way.

What’s yout GT? yeepa31 isn’t coming up.

Wouldn’t come up for me.

Clan war this week? Put me in coach.

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That’s why I couldn’t find you.

How about the taxi squad?

By taxi squad, do you mean pro players? Yes, I am MLG.

Ah, that must be the Canadian spelling of it.

unfortunately the forums pulls your username from the main site. the username on the blog site is with an “a” while the display name is with a “s”. Only way to change it is to create a new account.

Just the way the site works.

that would be a damn shame. Just such a common name as well. :grin: