Used EVGA GeForce GTX 970 4GB FTW+ GAMING ACX 2.0+ For Sale!

I am getting ready to upgrade my video card. Anyone looking for a used 970 for SLI?

$250 I will even pay for shipping.

Sloppy seconds? Yikes!


1 year sloppy. Actually ordered it on 11/6/2015.

I’m very happy with my GTX-970. I don’t plan on upgrading for a couple years.

What are you upgrading to?

1070 or 1080.

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Bump. Going on Ebay tomorrow.

Reduced to $200.

1070 purchased. :upside_down:

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Great choice I love my 1070. Which brand did you get?

Probably the one I shouldn’t have but their warranty and CS is great and all cards shipped in November should have all the fixes needed.


I agree EVGA is fantastic. They were real quick to offer a fix for the backplate issue they had.