User Map?

Just went to check out the Member Directory, got my profile updated… but I didn’t see a map option. I like the filter option, but is it an easy fix to add a map option?

map like the old site had with everyones location? i thought it was neat but not sure how accurate it was.

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Yeah we can do it. Not sure how much it was used on the old site.


So i looked into this and its not as easy as it seems, there arn’t any plugins out there that provide this kind of functionality. It would have to be custom in other words. I am going to keep looking for solutions and ways to put it together but it will be some time to figure it out.

If there are no plug-ins and we can’t make it work easily. I thought it was a quick easy way to see where everyone is, especially being out west. If there was a way to tie in sign-on and status that would tits to see who is on from where.

But it sounds too hard. Plus I seem to be the only person who asked about, so I must be the outlier!! Kill the Outlier.

I am only aware of the east coast anyway.

The world just drops off West of Mississippi River?

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No silly only Boston through DC!

Plus I can’t do the time zone math. Ask @anon42851937 and @anon36214017. They are weeks behind me on the calendar I think.