Vanguard Patch Notes and other info

Here are the patch notes for the November 10th update.

  • The update brings a new playlist update, with “Trifecta Moshpit” added to Multiplayer
    • Trifecta Moshpit features Dome, Decoy, and Das Haus with a variety of modes and pacings
  • Users unable to redeem codes for incentives such as XP bonuses, Calling Cards, and Emblems can now redeem rewards
  • Combat Shield will now protect player’s backs once stowed
  • Invisible player models in MVP voting and Play of the Game have been fixed
  • Fixed a bug affecting Constanze’s skin progression
  • Operator Challenges no longer appear to reset after completion
  • Inaccurate unlock requirements for Weapon Challenges now display correctly
  • 1911 Pistol will now progress past Level 50
  • Players can access weapons in the Loadouts/Gunsmith after Level 66

Although the Vanguard Zombies mode, Der Anfang, hasn’t received much praise, it’s still good to see the developers pushing out updates.

Here are the Zombies patch notes:

  • Camo Progression: All Pistol Challenges can now be properly completed
  • Exfil: The kill count to Exfil now correctly tracks zombies killed
  • Bleedout Meter: Self-Revive meter no longer fails to show progress
  • Transmit: Players that die outside of the damage barrier no longer take damage over time upon reviving in the hub area
  • Legendary Covenants: All Players should now be able to recieve Legendary Covenant options at the Altar of Covenants
  • After-Action Report: Players are no longer returned to the lobby when attempting to view post-match unlocks
  • Field Upgrades: Addressed an issue where players who recovered frombeing downed were unable to use Field Upgrades in rare instances

Now, I’ve had this happen to me. When I logged on yesterday I noticed my one operator was at 1 instead of 20.

How to fix Vanguard’s Operator XP reset bug after Nov. 10 update

Responding to a concerned player on Twitter, the devs said that this issue is a “small UI bug” that can be fixed by playing one match of multiplayer.

Once a match of any mode is complete and you return back to the menus, the correct level for all of your Operators should be displayed as normal.

And yes, it did wiork, but I had to sit there and watch the xp go up every level again.

Now, for some info on the Prestige system that seems to be confusing some GRG members.

Vanguard is currently in “preseason”. You may have noticed the Battle Pass isn’t fully equipped with Vanguard rewards. This is because Season 1 of Vanguard is coming early December. The developers likely chose this time frame to coincide with the release of Warzone Pacific Caldera.

During the preseason, you will earn experience that raises your player rank. Just about everything you do in Vanguard from completing multiplayer challenges to getting kills increases your player rank.

Player ranks start at 1 and will increase all the way to 55. Once you hit player rank 55, things start to get a little complicated. After level 55 you enter Prestige Rank 1 and earn the title of Commander. At this point, things move from player ranks to the Season Level system.

Prestige 1 Season Level 1 is where players will start after hitting player rank 55. Season Level 50 will take them to Prestige 2, while Season Level 100 opens the door to Prestige 3. Of course, with each Prestige comes valuable rewards.

Here’s what to expect with each checkpoint.

  • Prestige 1 (Season Level 1) – Battle Pass tier skip, Prestige Emblem
  • Prestige 2 (Season Level 50) Battle Pass tier skip, Prestige Emblem, Weapon Blueprint
  • Prestige 3 (Season Level 100) Battle Pass tier skip, Prestige Emblem

Each season of Vanguard will have a maximum Prestige rank. Although we don’t currently know what rank that will be for Season 1, those who reach the maximum rank can expect to receive the title of “Prestige Master”.

Will the Vanguard Prestige system reset unlocks?

You can rest easy knowing that your unlocks, including weapon progress, do not reset with each new prestige. The one thing that will reset when a new Season is released is your Season Level.

For example, if a player has reached Prestige 2 Season Level 79 on the day Season 1 is set to release (December 2nd), that player will be bumped back down to Prestige 2 Level 50. Essentially, your progress between your current Prestige and the next will reset.

Why are you stuck at level 1?

Several players have reported an issue that permanently displays their level as 1 after reaching Prestige 1 which has led many to believe that they aren’t gaining experience. Players can cool their rage as this is incorrect.

The number you’ll see in the lobby is showing as the Prestige you are in rather than your level. To check your level visit the barracks screen.

##Something to look out for on Sub Pen

Reddit user Asphyxiarts uploaded a video that showed them performing the glitch during a game of Team Deathmatch.

They head to Loading Dock Storage on the far righthand side of the map and climb up onto some crates.

By jumping off the crates towards the top of the door, they are able to glitch through the wall. At this point, other players can’t see them, but they can still freely move around.

Not only is this glitch an easy way to hide, but it’s an easy exploit for crafty players to secure some cheap kills.

The spot overlooks a large room with multiple entrances. This makes for a frustrating vantage point to pick off enemies who won’t be able to see where the shots are coming from.

The post’s replies indicated that this glitch is already being used in multiplayer matches.

“I was wondering how the hell I was getting shot,” said one Redditor. “I kept dying in spawn and saw the red dot on the minimap, but had no idea where he was because he was invisible.”

And, something for people to spend their cash on…

New leaks are suggesting players could be seeing both Captain America and Indiana Jones added to the game in the not-so-distant future.

Reliable leaker Tom Henderson tweeted on November 11 that both the Marvel superhero and legendary explorer could be coming to Vanguard soon.

This would make sense considering both Indiana Jones and Captain America are associated with the WWII era.


Both Captain
America and Indiana Jones seem to be making their way to #Vanguard
in the near future.

Disney had been in talks with
Activision in the summer on potential partnership opportunities. image

Tom Henderson (@Tom_Henderson) November
11, 2021

Strings of code sent to me by @CoDPerseus_ seem to indicate some kind of event, but it's unclear on exact details and when the event will be.

— Tom Henderson (@_Tom_Henderson_) November 11, 2021

It seems they could both be entering the game through a future in-game event. Tom Henderson received code from a fellow leaker that suggested this.

In support of this, leakers have also found a Calling Card with a shield that looks awfully similar to Captain America’s. The leaked Calling Card is part of the game’s code called “American Heroes.”

As these are leaks, take the information lightly until there is official news.