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So I’ve been wanting to start using twitch and youtube, but I think I’ll just stick with twitch. I’m going to start doing regular videos as well as talk about subjects while playing games by myself. I could use some help if anyone has ideas on the matter. I’m looking for a list of questions based on a single subject to talk about and possibly different subjects to talk about.

I’m completely new to the streaming thing so It’s a little weird to me to talk to myself but I’m working on it. Constructive criticism is needed.


So you intend to talk about subjects unrelated to the game whilst playing it?

I would’ve thought you just be talking about the game itself and what you’re doing, how you interact with the various bits, etc.

Either or, I know there are some who talk about subjects related to games and done talk about what their doing in the game. Honestly I’ve got no clue what I’m doing which is why I’m turning to the community for some guidance. :grin:

I guess I’ve only seen a few of the big streamers, who are usually playing PvP and talking about it.
Or a few quiet streams, where they don’t tend to talk at all…

I guess you could do both, rather than narrate everything you do in-game, or if there is a quiet spot then go back to the topic.
I would have thought that discussing a topic might work better with at least one other person on mic though?
Perhaps that is verging into podcast territory at that point.

I’ll let wiser folks give their opinions…

You have a valid point, though getting other people in to talk is the challenge. I did notice an issue with my recordings not capturing sound from other people talking. I’ll have to look into that.

Thanks for your input it’s helped more then you think.

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