Venom announce Xbox/PS/PC Fight stick

For the fighting game enthusiasts:

Are you struggling with Injustice 2? Do the Tekken veterans give you a bashing? You’ll be needing the latest product to come from the Venom stable – the multi format arcade fight stick!

Announced today, the Arcade Fight Stick from Venom is a brand new game controller that has been designed for fighting titles across all formats. No matter whether you’re gaming on Xbox One, Xbox 360, PS3, PS4 or PC, this stick will see you right.

With a brilliant design which will be right at home no matter whether you play at a desk or slouched on the sofa, you’ll find the Arcade Fight Stick comes with sleek lines and understated good looks. It also has a fairly compact footprint for easy portability. As you would expect from a Venom product, the premium build and components will deliver you the reliable and robust action that is required, with it being designed to allow modding at a later stage… should you wish to go down that route.

It also comes with a three metre USB cable for plug and play connection, the classic ball-top joystick and eight button layouts that fighting fans demand and a turbo functionality available at the mere flick of a switch.

“The recent success of TEKKEN®7 has shown how popular the fighting game genre continues to be, and gamers looking to recreate the precession and authenticity of the arcade scene will always gravitate towards a specialty controller such as our Arcade Fight Stick,” said Tom Hodge, Director of Sales for Venom. “Our stick features true cross-format compatibility, a huge bonus for gamers who play across multiple formats. We believe that gamers will respond enthusiastically to the value and quality offered by our stick and expect to increase our market share in the controller category through its release at retail.”
The Arcade Fight Stick comes in with an SRP of £59.99 and can be picked up at the likes of Amazon and other leading gaming retailers.

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Dang it…i read that title wrong…hopes were high…i thought it read flight stick…but either way…more accessories for gamers means more enjoyment. I call it a win.


Lmfao I thought same thing!! Awesome controller tho. About time

If we only had a person to do an in depth review of Street Fighter…

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