Video Game AI hunts down its own players.

Skynet is real.

TL;DR: Game AI makes its own super weapons by making its own weapons and combining stats.


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That is pretty awesome.

It was anything but awesome. lol.

Due to the actual loss of credits and the real threat of going bankrupt should you not have the credits to afford your rebuy upon death, people were scared to log in for fear of losing millions.

Anacondas (large, multi weapon ships) were being taken out single handedly by NPC Sidewinders (beginning ship that has 2 guns).

To give an example, imagine being able to fire the BF tank main gun as fast as a mini gun. That is essentially what the AI was capable of with that bug.

I’ll see if I can find some clips of the level of destruction.

Heavily armored Assault ship. Easily a 5-10 minute fight.

This next guy has one of the best ship setups in EXO. Takes 10-15 minutes if you’re good to take his shields offline. NPC took them out in 1 shot.

Also, unlimited ammo was a thing. you only get six missiles per launcher.

“Remember that moment in the movie Terminator when Skynet’s AI turned on humanity?”

When did that happen.