Video games, beer and fun!!!

Hey y’all,

Was out looking for a new Clan for TD2 and got referred to here because we are like minded and drink loving.

So about me I am a 30 year old dad of two and 10 years in the Air Force. I play on PlayStation and the Nintendo, don’t let me lie to you it’s my Nintendo, right now I am stuck in the Arizona Time slot until I am told it’s time to move again. I love BBQ, Beer Books and obviously video games. Favorite chillin beer would have to be Blue Moon though a nice stout or IPA is not out of the question.

After a long day at work and the kids are in bed I will jump on to rock whatever game is current, I don’t get to spend a lot on games so when I got a little extra to spend on one I play the crap out of it.

Well that is me in a nutshell ever on and want to hang on PS4 hit me up PSN: is Tyfoid


Welcome to GRG!

Our PS4 Div 2 clan is steadily growing with quite a few active every day/night. I’ll get you a friend request sent and an invite to the clan shortly. I’ll add you to a couple groups on here as well.

Plenty of beer fanatics around here and @shortbus makes some killer BBQ sauce!

…and thank you for your service!

Welcome aboard.

The Div2 group will pick you up, they’re still running regularly.

Welcome to GRG!


Welcome to the club man ill add you on psn