VoC vs Fatebringer

Ok, Armor is all done, slogged my way through IB and got the 2nd Etheric Light. My question is should I ascend VoC or Fatebringer 1st?

On a separate not that is without a doubt the nerdiest thing I have ever typed in my life


VOC. More versatile in my opinion.

I upgraded my VOC and my boots. Now that I’m 34 I’ll play more PoE and see if anyone wants to play HM raids just to get more elemental damage primaries.

I’ve upgraded my VOC’s but haven’t had a chance to use them.

I also bought a Gheleons Demise from the iron banner. The stats look pretty good and everything from the IB looks cool as shit.

Yes I did.

I upgraded my armor first on all three characters.

I hate swapping weapons. I carry each of my favorites on my characters. Specials I only have one of each to reserve vault space.

Plenty of time to get more etheric light. We’re just a couple weeks into HOW.