Vote for this Thursday's One Off Game!

In continuation of this thread, I’m going to go forward with the One Off Game night. This is were we bring back a game we don’t usually play and make a night out of it just to mix it up a bit. For right now I’m just focusing on an XBox night. If the PS4 and PC gamers want to join in the fun then I’ll need a volunteer to oversee the room (and we can get a thread going for that).

Anyway, I’m looking to set a game night for this Thursday (6/27) starting around 9PM EST.

What game do you want to play this Thursday?

  • Apex Legengds
  • Forza Horizon 4
  • PUBG

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I meant to vote Forza Horizons… So my vote doesn’t count.

If it is Apex we could easily get some @PlayStationPlayers and @PCGamers groups going.

I should be able to run a room on PS4


@PlayStationPlayers Post up if playing!

@PlayStationPlayers vote D1

I can handle the PC crowd if its Apex. Im useless at PUBG

Write in vote… Borderlands 2!

Another write in vote would be your mom, however she’s not a one off as everyone has had gotten on.



Halo MCC or 5

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Mind if I throw up a new poll @Lala_Calamari

Go ahead.

I was thinking of these games. If you have any additions then feel free to add them.

Forza Horizon 4
Battlefield 5
Star Wars Battlefront