VR Headset Anyone?

Any of you own a VR headset? I bought a cheap one to see if I liked it and so far I’m extremely underwhelmed. I downloaded a few games…roller coaster…crazy swing and some haunted house. Maybe the lenses aren’t adjusted correctly…I dunno. The 2 games asked for money when I tried to adjust the view…but I don’t get the VR feeling at all from them. The haunted house looks kinda neat…but I have no freaking clue how to walk around. I was going to attempt to watch a 3D movie but the files are bigger than my current SD card. Any suggestions, apps or games are welcome!

I got the Samsung VR and I like it. I’m not sure about others but there is a focus wheel on mine. To really get a total emersive feel I use head phones also. There mat be a touch pad on the side of your headset that when you hold your finger on it you walk in the direction you are looking. That is how the Samsung works.