Here mostly for Divison 2 and Elder scrolls every so often, I have numerous game s I play on a daily basis, just looking for some good people to hang and play with. I have been gaming for a long time, started in the early days of WOW.
I’m older than most of yall I would wager, but feel 20, play a lot of hours every day. Father of 2 boys, married for 12 years now. I play PC only, and currently, invest a lot of time in Divison 2. COuple questions ? is there a clan in div 2?if so may I get an invite? IGN is SemiAutoApe Thanks for the invite and acceptance to this clan, look forward to meeting all of you and shooting the breeze


Welcome! @DivisionPlayers do we have a PC clan? I play Xbox so I am unsure.

As far as age goes, you might be presently surprised how many old bastards we have here. Hope to chat with you in our Discord!

Yes we do! See @shortbus!


We now have clans on all platforms. message a team lead to get an invite.

PC Clan = GRG Reapers
PS4 Clan = Reapers of GRG
Xbox Clan = GrimReaperGamer


Welcome to the community. Shoot over a request and I’ll get you joined up. We have a small but active group on the PC.

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I think you need to add a few more. @CaptainPeeJ, @SplendidKaos and a few others are playing now.

Welcome to GRG!


I got Kaos, but I haven’t logged I. Since Saturday. I’ll try to check it again tonight.

Alot of old bastards here, and maybe some old Dirty bastards… Me being one of the ODB

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Welcome aboard.

We have a Steam community too if you are interested in joining that then either let us know here or send me a FR on Steam (unobtainable).

Welcome to GRG.

You may have me beat for age (46),but dirt doesn’t even have @HAWKLANDER beat.

I hate you.