WARCRAFT teaser trailer

ummmm…Ok. I understand why, also worry about the story. Probably should have done this a few years ago at the height of the game.

Full trailer is coming soon. Hopefully it will portray more.

I wonder how they’ll do this. WoW gameplay wasn’t too serious, there’s a lot of humor going on. Wonder if they’re trying to emulate LoTR.

Just watched the movie. I enjoyed the movie a lot but I think it’s because I’ve played WoW and know the lore. If you didn’t play WoW, I doubt you would like it as much. I love how they really kept true to the game. Stormwind, Goldshire, and various other locations were in game. The Inn at Goldshire is exactly as it is in game. So is Stormwind (such an awesome castle).

Fucking movie is making me want to play again.


That’s very mean and hurtful.

BTW, it wasn’t the greatest movie. I just enjoyed all the in game references and how they were pretty true to the areas I’ve played in. One issue was the movie didn’t really have an ending. Like they expect to make more. I’m not a fan of that, I feel that a movie should really be self contained.

Also, Preacher and Tulip are in the movie. King and Queen of Stormwind. Both with British accents.

Dominic Cooper is British and Ruth Negga was born in Ethiopia and is half Irish half Ethiopian. She’s spent most of her life in Ireland or England so I’m sure the “British” accents come naturally.

I knew Dominic is British. Just odd hearing the accent after watching Preacher.

Watched this movie the other night. Not bad. Definitely a rental.

But then my hopes were not very high. Is there really any movie adapted from a game that was actually good.

They really pull a lot of elements directly from the game. It was weird to recognize buidlings, castles and what not.

But yeah, movie was entertaining for a rental. No way worth the price of a movie ticket.