Warframe: Another Free Expansion

After recently completing my trip around the galaxy in Elite, I needed a bit of a break so I fired up Warframe.

Not only did I find 2 new regular Warframes have been introduced, there was also 2 new Prime Warframes. Of course all the weapons that go along with those warframes have also been added. The second of those 2 frames is set to hit console this week or next.

Along with this, I stumble upon news of a new open world map coming to Venus. Fortuna.
Much like Plains of Eidolon on Earth, it is the new open world style with different bounties and activities to do in a frozen type environment. I doubt the fishing activity will carry over to glaciers but you never know. Personally, I’ll be too busy zooming around on my new toy. (time stamped for your convenience) https://youtu.be/f5FZR5gHB_I?t=3m55s

Speaking of this new toy, it was discovered in a recent dev stream that it will also work on the Plains of Eidolon map. (also timestamped) https://youtu.be/ilGEs4JoFJs?t=44m27s

There is also something called a Railjack. I’m unsure of the details on this but… I’ll just let you see for yourself. https://youtu.be/NGpJICoghnQ?t=31s

In addition… there is talk of asteroid mining of some sort. That will probably be the Fortuna activity that takes the place of fishing on Plains of Eidolon.

Warframe: Fortuna is hoping to launch on PC before the end of the year. Console versions will likely come a month or so after that.

If you haven’t picked up Warframe in awhile, there is a shit ton of new stuff to do and build as of the writing of this post. I won’t even get in to all the new mods and augment mods that have been added as of recently.

I just can’t help but think of where this game will be in 4-5 years. All planets with their own respective open world areas along with all the original corridor missions? And all free? Crazy…


@quantumklutz @ReaperMan10 you guys getting this?

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Absolutely I am

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