Warframe PC Group

It’s approaching new content time for Warframe and I need to gauge interest in our @PCGamers if I should set up a clan.

Clan name: GRG Potatoes
Clan Manager: GrumpyInUt

Send me a message and a friend request in-game and I’ll get you in.

We had one like a year ago or so but it’s wrapped up in red tape and not built up. I have one with most things researched and am willing to change the name and logo if there’s enough people that will be playing. This will save some grind for new players that don’t want the clan grind.

Clan play will be very important with this upcoming content this fall.

Please reply if you’re interested. There will not be an MR requirement or an auto boot for lack of activity.

BE ADVISED!: You will not be able to clan trade or trade with other players unless you enable 2 factor authentication on your Warframe account. It’s a new thing Digital Extremes implemented to deter account stealing being as platinum is the in-game currency that is purchased with real money.


I haven’t played in…a year maybe? But I’d be down, I had fun just didn’t have anyone I knew who played back then. :slight_smile:

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When you say “clan play”, is that synchronous clan activity or is it just participation that could be solo play?

Synchronous. The new update will have ship combat. Squads will have to work together to control the ship. flying, gunner, fending off boarders, and damage repair. Sometimes a player will need to leave the ship and board another enemy ship to take it out and/Or take control of it.

Also, if you have to beacon for help, I think only clan members can get those radio calls. They weren’t entirely clear on that.

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I’ve played hundreds of hours on warframe…on xbox lol but I have recently gotten it on PC and could give it a go

I’d be willing to give this game another shot. It is very daunting and could I use a group to learn from/play with

its a lot of fun with friends i was the same till a buddy got me hooked and taught me all that was involved its quite a big game with lots of depth in customization in everything. wish i could just transfer my xbox save that would be awesome

I would say use yours since it’s built up. Changing the name isn’t a big deal, I wouldn’t worry about it. I’d rather see some PC GRG guys gaming together. Let me know if I need to create a Discord voice room.

I don’t mind changing the name. We can use general voice until we see how busy it gets first.

@Grex, do you happen to have a 128 x 128 png version of the reaper skull we use here on the site? If not, I’ll see if I can get my kid to make one.

Everyone else, give me your pc warframe names and I’ll start sending out invites.

Here is a 120x120 and a 114x114. Try these.

apple-touch-icon-120x120 apple-touch-icon-114x114

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Also here is a 144x144. you could scale this down if necessary.


Apple makes me upload like a million different sizes for all their screen sizes.

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Clan name and clan image updated!

Dis gonna be badass if it gets approved.

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60 x 60. I just wanted to feel involved…

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