Warzone: Containment Protocol Alert: 2021-03-25

Attention all Verdansk Operatives.

The Emergency Broadcast System has issued a minor contagion warning for the Acropolis National Bank within Downtown Tavorsk’s Financial District, effective immediately. Although the origin of this current outbreak is unknown, Armistice researchers have settled on three theories:

The leading explanation, based on tracking data across Operators, suggests that Armistice members taking part in operations within previously contaminated points of interest that have since been fumigated – the Shipwreck, Zordaya Prison Complex, and Verdansk Hospital – travelled to this central bank for extraction via the helipad. This would explain the prevalence of all three deadly mutations found within hostile forces occupying the bank interior.

An alternative report displayed recent evidence of contaminated matter within the vault’s safety deposit boxes, which were left open for an unknown time period following Operation Strongbox.

The third, which has been rejected for a lack of tangible evidence, claims that these hostile creatures have a natural attraction for fiat currency, although this is the only explanation that aligns with unusual reports of “several hundred dollars, ammunition, and other miscellaneous items” extracted from them following engagements.

Regardless of the exact origins of this new contaminated zone, the following guidance has been approved for all military Operators on duty within the greater Tavorsk area:

Continue to exercise extreme caution when conducting operations within or around the Financial District point of interest. Hostile forces are considered to be extremely dangerous and contain numerous mutations within their ranks previously only seen in other anomalous zones.

Alert: Containment Protocol Engaged

Following the past month of unusual activity around Southern Verdansk and to reduce further spread of aforementioned phenomena, Armistice is officially instating a Containment Protocol across the entire region of Verdansk.

As outlined in the Armistice Code of Operations, stage one of this protocol – monitoring and assessing current crises – is in effect. Data indicating current outbreak spread will be transmitted to secure areas within the region.

Furthermore, Operators are to assist with containment efforts by neutralizing these threats on sight, in addition to the main objectives of Operation Rapid Sunder. Following exfiltration, Operators are to immediately report to Armistice-approved fumigation sites, complete required questioning about potential contacts, and present optional proof of complete hostile eradication for commendations, although this elective step may be performed within Verdansk at the Operator’s own peril.

Up until the date of this issuance, infestation levels remain steady, given the lack of severe outbreak outside of individual areas within Southern Verdansk. These levels will be subject to change based on current outbreak conditions.

You are encouraged to stay frosty and execute the mission.

Ummm, I’m not entirely sure what this means.

Essentially, the zombies are moving to the bank now, and they’re getting ready to spread more.

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