Warzone Updates

Raven Software developer has noted on Twitter that the team has removed an annoying aspect of Battle Royale Solos mode: trucks.

Many players sit in armored trucks and run around the map running players over, causing the experience of the game in many ways to be degraded.

Now, Raven has updated the playlist to remove armored trucks from Battle Royale Solos.


We pulled out the
big Armored Trucks from the solo playlist. Hopefully that tones downs
the vehicle meta a bit. #Warzone

Amos Hodge (@wendellwobble) April
15, 2020

Hodge says “hopefully that tones downs the vehicle meta a bit.”

The studio teams updated Warzone earlier on April 14 to include a new mode featuring Snipers and Shotguns only, with other fixes mentioned in the patch notes here.

Also, Raven Software dev Amos Hodge has tweeted a reply to a user about why buy station prices are remaining the same across all of the different modes in Warzone.

The official stance on why Buy Station prices are the same across all modes is to ensure consistency for players, so that players don’t have to keep remembering different values when jumping into different modes.


We would like to
keep the prices consistent, so players won’t have to memorize a
bunch of different prices. We are looking into adjusting the drop rate
of money based on player count instead.

— Amos Hodge
(@wendellwobble) April
15, 2020

However, Hodge has stated that they are looking to adjust the drop rate of money based upon player count in game. This would vary the amount of cash players can find depending upon the amount of players in each mode.

There is no confirmed time frame for when this changes will be released, but it will be interesting to see by how much the cash drop rate is effected based on player count.


It’s too difficult to code various amounts per game mode.

Infinity Ward has announced that Trios will be returning to Call of Duty: Warzone.

The new playlist update will go live starting at 11PM Pacific on Thursday, April 16, and will return BR Trios to the game.


We hear you loud
and clear! We’ll be doing a playlist update tomorrow night,
Thursday, April 16th at 11PM PST that brings BR Trios back to #Warzone.

Infinity Ward (@InfinityWard) April
16, 2020

Infinity Ward removed trios from BR earlier this week and replaced it with an LTM mode that upset many fans.

Reddit had full threads of asking why trios were removed, alongside many on Twitter asking for it to return.

It’s not clear if the LTM will still be available.

Players can now use kill streaks as passengers on vehicles in Warzone

Infinity Ward and Raven Software have made another update to Call of Duty: Warzone that some fans have been asking for in-game.

The new tweak now allows players to use kill streaks will they’re passengers in a vehicle — riding in the ATV, Car, or armored truck.

Raven Software dev Amos Hodge announced this info on Twitter today:


Did you notice a
small little change to vehicles in #Warzone?
Passengers can now use kill streaks while in a

— Amos Hodge (@wendellwobble) April
16, 2020