Warzones Red Doors

What are Warzone Season 4’s Red Doors?

Warzone Red Door fast travel system

The Red Doors are a new fast-travel system in Warzone Season 4. Unlike modern-day Verdansk’s subway system, the Red Doors will take you to a seemingly random area of the map, filled with high-tier loot.

30 Red Doors have been found so far, but they aren’t guaranteed to spawn every round.

How to use Warzone Season 4’s Red Doors


When you find a Red Door, simply approach it and press your interact button to open it. Once it’s open, walk through, and you’ll find yourself at another location in Verdansk with all the loot you could ask for.

This system is still new, so there is still a lot to learn about how these Red Doors operate. Read on for what you can find on the other side of the Red Doors and all confirmed spawn locations.

What’s inside Warzone’s Red Doors?

Warzone Red Doors

Inside the room you’re teleported to, you’ll find Legendary Chests and other high-tier items. These are very similar to modern-day Verdansk’s bunkers, which you could open for valuable loot and cash.

Here’s everything you can get inside the Red Door loot room:

  • Legendary Chests
  • Epic or higher rarity weapons
  • Ammunition
  • Armor Boxes
  • Munitions Boxes
  • Satchels
  • Durable Gas Masks
  • Advanced UAVs

All 30 Warzone Red Door locations

The community has been scouring Verdansk for Red Door spawn locations, and 30 have been found so far. Expect more and more to be discovered over the course of the season, and we’ll update this article accordingly.

These doors appear to form in clusters around the map, with several Doors found at areas such as Summit, Salt Mine, and Stadium. While there are 30 possible locations, Red Doors aren’t guaranteed to spawn every round, so there’s an element of luck involved.

Here are all 30 Red Door locations that have been found so far in Warzone Season 4.

Map of all 30 confirmed Warzone Red Door locations

Summit Red Door locations

  1. L-shaped building above the helipad on the southwest side of Summit
  2. Long building halfway up the side of Summit’s main building
  3. North of the control room on the ground floor of Summit’s main building
  4. Under the stairs on the 1st floor of Summit’s main building
  5. The ground floor of large building on the north side of Summit
  6. Cable car building on the north side of Summit

Salt Mine Red Door locations

  1. Upstairs in largest Salt Mine’s central warehouses
  2. Up the first flight of stairs in Salt Mine’s smaller central warehouse
  3. L-shaped building east of Salt Mine Buy Station
  4. Large building south-west end of Salt Mine
  5. Large building south-east of Salt Mine

Old Mine Red Door locations

  1. Main building of the Old Mine south-west of Summit
  2. L-shaped building of the Old Mine south-west of Summit

Factory Red Door locations

  1. Blue hangar at Factory
  2. Inside the fully-built plane in Factory
  3. Underneath the half-built plane in Factory
  4. Lower roof of main Factory building
  5. Underground corridor of Factory
  6. Above office in eastern Factory building

Stadium Red Door locations

  1. On the scoreboard at the west side of Stadium
  2. To the right of the stairs at the north side of Stadium
  3. In the office on the ground floor of Stadium
  4. Ground floor near the stairs at the east side of Stadium
  5. Underneath commentators box at the south end of Stadium

Downtown Red Door locations

  1. The 32nd floor of Nakatomi Plaza
  2. The second floor of Nakatomi Plaza

Hills Red Door locations

  1. On the side of the windmill
  2. Bedroom of the eastern farmhouse
  3. The ground floor of the barn
  4. The top floor of the barn

Where do Warzone’s Red Doors take you?

After going through one of these Red Doors, your screen will fill up with Black Ops’ number program, and then you’ll emerge somewhere else in Verdansk ’84.

This room will be locked until someone enters it through a Red Door. YouTuber Geeky Pastimes has discovered everywhere these mysterious Red Doors will take you.

You won’t be guaranteed a specific room, but the Red Doors will take you to one of these locations.

Warzone Season 4 red door loot rooms

  1. North-west of Military Base at the corner of the map
  2. Salt Mine
  3. Buildings to the north of ATC Tower
  4. School building south of Military Base
  5. Karst Bridge north of Lumber
  6. Storage Town
  7. Factory
  8. Lumber
  9. Junkyard
  10. Promenade East
  11. Farmland
  12. Above Bunker 0