Watch The Creators Of The Original Deus Ex Play Their Game 15 Years Later

When Eidos Montreal rebooted the Deus Ex series with Human Revolution, it was a smart update that remained faithful to the spirit of the originals. Today, Square Enix goes back to its roots with the help of three of the series’ creators.

Project director and producer Warren Spector, writer Sheldon Pacotti, and lead programmer and assistant director Chris Norden return to where it all began 15 years ago. In the hour-long video, the three refresh their memory on their creation and point out some cool trivia about the classic.

We learn that Warren Spector made lead designer (and Dishonored co-creative director) Harvey Smith’s life a challenge by requiring that Deus Ex’s Statue of Liberty authentically model the real one. We also find out just how valuable a crowbar can be when bashing crates (and that Deus Ex “won” the time-to-crate competition that informally existed at that time).

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