Website building help

Okay, so I use a combo of ftwo different sites for all my softball teams. My question is…“can someone point me in the right direction as to maybe a site or something that can show me how I can build my own?”

Really depends on what you want to do. We use Wordpress for the main site (not forums). I’m not sure if it has team plugins. I’m sure it does.

Sportpress Plug in might be over kill.

SportsPress is an extendable all-in-one sports data plugin that helps sports clubs set up and manage a league or club site quickly and easily.


  • Equation Builder
  • Club Profiles with Player List
  • Automated League Standings with Club Logos
  • Events (Fixtures & Results) with Player Performance
  • Events Calendar
  • Player Profiles & Statistics
  • Player Lists
  • Staff Profiles
  • Select Current Club and Previous Clubs
  • Season Archives
  • Venue Information & Maps
  • Statistics & League Table Columns Configuration
  • Sport Presets
  • Switch Between Club vs Club and Player vs Player Mode.
  • Import Events, Clubs, Players, and Staff from CSV Files
  • Easy Shortcodes Menu in Editor
  • Events Integrate with iCal
  • Certified compatibility with WPML

Maybe I’ll check this out because I also need something for my men’s league.


Should be able to get hosting for it cheap. Hit up @grex as well, he’s GRG’s super nerd.

Beers. Yes check out it’s very easy to setup a free site
with them and there are a ton of tutorials and free plugins and themes for
it. Plenty of stuff around for team based sites.

Let me know if you have any questions. doesn’t allow plugins.

Both of these hosts have one click wordpress installs. Then you’ll be able to use any WP plugin.

oh , right. forgot about that.

Who is you host now? I am sure they have a wordpress install setup. Being as its the most popular.

The sires I use now are pretty made paid subscription sites. So, I want to do my own all in one.

I was checking out today and the tutorial told me to add the plug in for sports press, but the site didn’t actually have it anywhere

I built my own, for my Insurance business using wordpress

I taught myself watching youtube videos, search on there for good wordpress plugins I have a few on my site

Or I can point you in the direction of having someone build it for you for cheap, and also you can get cheap SEO done as well. If you have any questions I will try to help

How do you use plugins though? it Won’t give me the option anywhere.

Is there a browser that works best with it?

What the heck is SEO?

SEO - search engine optimization - what helps your website get ranked on google, bing and yahoo search.

The plugins you install on the wordpress site in the back office or admin part of website

Plugins are handled on the backend of the site. Log into your wordpress site with the admin account. Go to the Wordpress dashboard then to Plugins. There should be an option for add new.

I really think the free version won’t give you the option to install plugins.

If you want, send me the info (or create a WP user account) and I can take a look for you.

I don’t have the plugins option…

How to install plugins