Weird Weapon Glitch

Last night I was doing quests when the game just quit out and dash boarded me. I started the game up again and once I finally got back into the game everything seemed to be working fine till I was trying to attack an enemy. Only one assigned spell would work and I couldn’t even use my staff to attack. Also my backup weapon wasn’t equipped anymore nor would it allow me to equip it. Finally I just logged out for the night because I was unable to do any quests. I did try it out again this morning and everything appears to be normal again.

I had a problem with Voice chat last night. At first I figured @D1G1TALC1PHERS just booted me from the guild, but then I noticed Area chat wasn’t working.

This is a fun game, it’s just a shame that they couldn’t sort all the bugs out. You figure with a year on the PC would of sorted out most of this shit.

Right now I’m hoping they add more campaigns to PvP so we can group up and get our asses kicked in Cyrodill.

I am pretty sure when there are server queues they first get you in game and then slowly add you to voice chat.

Ya when I finally got into the game after the que it took 10-15 minutes before the chat was available. When I first logged in yesterday and this morning there was no que and chat came up right away. I think @anon3687162 is right about it being a que problem.

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Yeah, it took me a few minutes to get into chat as well last night, but I got in just before others (wikid, Lala) started having issues, so I’m betting load is contributing.

played for a few hours before work and my chat was disabled for no reason. Other people were able to chat but it told me my mic was disabled and couldn’t chat. worked for me before…