Welcome too me 🙂

Hello, I am a 37 year old father of 3 girls. I have been online gaming for about 20 years since Call of Duty World at War released. I play Hell let Loose which is getting a massive update today ! I have most CoDs & BFs plus I play Fifa, F1, Conan. I am open to trying any new games and the genre I put most hours in is online survival games. Looking forward to a few games and beers with you all.

Gamertag xXMaDdogXx V1 (Lame gamertag but had it 20 years so gonna keep it :slightly_smiling_face:)


Welcome to GRG. 3 girls? Bless your heart.

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Welcome to the community. What do you play Hell let loose on, xbox?

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Yes Xbox pal, I have just updated it.

Bless my Sanity more like :upside_down_face:

Welcome to the community good to have ya

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Welcome to GRG!

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