What are the best outfits on Genudine?

We are up there!


Thats pretty sweet. nice work.

Can’t take credit for it, https://www.reddit.com/user/RedCairn did it! :smiley:

Very nice work considering the table isn’t an actually ranking. This guy just entered those names based on teams he saw in game working hard. I think that is more impressive than an actually ranking from the game.

ReDCairn - You can put whatever factions you want in and get the data out. Use http://ps4us.ps2.fisu.pw/outfit . The only problem is there’s no browser… so you have to enter the names manually. That’s why my list above is just the outfits that I’m aware of.
I forgot KEQ, oops.

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Cool that he included us!! :stuck_out_tongue:


Awesome, thanks for sharing!

My pleasure!!

oh damn i just posted this.

super cool that we made an impact. Swarm is alot smaller than i thought.

They’re about as big as I thought.

This reminds me, do we plan on contacting the other NC outfits on Genudine and trying to plan/ work some larger coordinated action?

I say smaller cuz when i looked, they had over 1K people on their PS2 forum… so having only 20% of that in their outfit surprises me.

i have no idea how to do something like that. would prolly have to use a third party app. I suggested to somebody to use the mobile PSN app and test eachtoher messages, you can have a room of up to 8 people, so it would be good for squad leaders, other than that, i am unsure.

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Ah OK, I never looked at their actual forum numbers. Just got an idea from the subreddit.

Ah yeh, that’s a decent idea.
I was thinking something much more crude involving two mics (one to PSN party or Outfit chat in game, then the other to Skype or similar) and some mute switches…

This thread:


Makes an interesting point regarding marketing videos on the subreddit to draw in recruits.

Also touches on the idea of cross-outfit (same faction) comms.