What are you looking to play in 2015?

Me? Batman, BF Hardline, Siege, Halo5, Dying Light, Star Wars Battelfront (if it actually releases later this year). :smile:

Hardline and Arkham Knight are my must haves, will probably get The Order, and then after that it’s a crap shoot.

Hardline and The Order are the only games I can think of that are actually releasing this year.

The Division and SW: Battlefront would be 2 more if they release.

Rainbow Six Seige.

The Division and Star Wars Battlefront. Hopefully they release this year.

I guess I’ll get Battlefield Hardline as well.

I’m not sure if Smite will be out this year but the Beta will. I’ll be checking that out as well.

Battlefront!!! just hope its not a battlefield skin job
Homefront revolution
just cause but i dont think its out till 2016
mad max is sposed to come out…
Red dead sequel - Rumor is this fall… rockstar tends to surprise
UNCHARTED!!! - it just looks amazing
Street fighter 5 i hope

im gonna wait on hardline till i hear from other people, the batman games are great but they never keep my attention so dunno if im gonna get it or not… looks amazing.

lol, homefront. That game is special to this clan.

The rainbow six, batman, division, maybe uncharted 4, possibly the star wars battlefront

No way SW Battlefront sees this year, no way.

well they gotta release something this fall…
hardline was sposed to be last year… but tis going to the spring… they arent working on battlefield 5… sooo… i guess they could skip a year, but then that means next battlefiled wont be out till 2017 at the earliest?? dont think EA can deal with that

Hardline and Halo 5.

Sw battlefront would be the shit, but will get hardline and olay the 5 game i alreqdy own that havent been started yet

The Witcher 3 and Bloodborne if I get a PS4.

yeah all they had on crackdown was a VERY short cinematic, not even in-game, with the narrators voice. i dont think it will be out in’15. but i loved the last 2.

here it is

crackdown was really fun!

I never was a big fan of the crackdown games. :confused:

crackdown isnt a fan of you!

I am looking forward to playing H5: Guardians, Rainbow Six and BF: Hardline (though I have my reservations).