What are you Streaming?

Thought i would make a general thread of what we’re streaming and what we think of it. with all the choices available now on Netflix, Amazon, and Hulu, We need to help each other sift through the crap.

Recently started watching Copper. Good show, enjoy it. as of this second I’m starting House of Cards on Netflix, everyone says its great, so lets find out.

I use Netflix, but for TV and movies I use Show Box on my Android, and currently I am watching season 3 of Boardwalk Empire.

House of Cards is awesome. Highly Recommend.

Right now started watching Black Mirror. British show. Pretty decent. each episodes is it own little story.

Just finish the first two seasons of “Peaky Blinders” on netflix-

Great fucking show-

Also started “The Fall”- Little slow, but good.

If you haven’t watched “Luther”, It is highly recommended

whats peaky blinderd? Luther is on my list i just havent started it. got 3 episodes of house of cards done. pretty awesome how he manipulates everything.
i saw amazon Prime has Banshee, Boardwalk, and some other shows that netflix doesnt, might have to keep prime.

wow, that sounds awesome

Anything on Tube8, YouPorn, Spankwire, Pornhub.


so I awoke sunday to a normal birthday hangover… watched a little football then went to lay in bed and netflix it up. can’t remember the last time i spent hours just watching TV. i watched ep 4-12 of House of cards.

I normally refuse to watch a show in such large chunks as the episodes tend to bleed together, but i couldnt help it. Pretty good show. i may go back and watch a few episodes fter i think about the plot. want to make sure i remember everything correctly.

so tonight, I remember that banshee is on amazon prime, im ready to knock out 3 episodes of blood, violence, and sex… NOPE. Prime wants $3 an ep… guess they pulled the plug on the free-ness of the show after season 3 premiered… bastards…

I remember somebody saying Peky Blinders is good so im gonna start that. only problem with all this TV availble between netflix, prime and my DVR is i have too mch to watch. i’m overwhelmed.

pace yourself man.

did you miss the part about birthday hangver lol.

i typically only watch TV after gaming. usually hour or two

The wire is great. fantastic. wonderful

So, I finished Boardwalk Empire, and finished what’s available for GOT, now I’ve started watching a relatively new show called Black Sails, kinda like a pirate version of GOT. And have one episode left for season 2 of SA.

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i have the season finale of SOA left, and ive been enjoying season 2 of black sails. pirates are cool.

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been while so one long post

Psycho Pass - suggest it
So I finished an Anime called Psycho-pass. Verydark and interesting story that paralells with governments having too much control. Good animation, very cool villian. apparently a Season 2 is being produced.

RWBY- suggest it, some people may not like the animation.
I also watch a show called RWBY. It was created by the late Monty Oum for Rooster Teeth Productions. Oum was a boy watching the Red Vs Blue videos back in the day, he raised enough money through youtube by producing stunt vids and stuff and moved from europe (i think) to LA to work with Rooster Teeth. HE then started making this show, it was his life long dream but unfortunately a few weeks ago he died.
ANYWAY sorry, the show was REALLY good, had some awesome fight scenes. second season has way better animation then the first. The seasons on netflix are all the youtube episodes put into one movie, so it looks like 1 episode per season. and the soundtrack was really good, thinking about buying it actually.

Sherlock Holmes - BBC version - Highly suggest it.
Last night i Watched 2 episodes of the Sherlock Holmes show from BBC. Very clever show. each episode is 90 minutes which is pretty nice. plenty of time for character develoment without all the cliffhangers at the end of an episode. It takes place in modern times which is a nice switch.
I’ve never seen the new american version with lucy lou so i can’t compare it to that. the BBC version reminded me a little of the Guy Ritchie movies.

Deadman Wonderland - meh
another anime i started watching. some kid witnesses his whole class get cut up in bit by some moster, but leaves him to survive. Cops think he is the murderer and they send him to some crazy anime prison where every 24 hours you have to take a pill, If you lose the pill and miss your window, the necklace will explode. It was alright with some decent twists but with only 12 or something episodes, i didnt see it actually ending. figured it would just stop, so i stopped.

Homefront - Standard Statham flick
Jason Statham is kicking doors down as a retired undercover cop trying to stay under the radar to raise his daughter. James franco is the local meth dealer that finds out. explosions happen. I’m a fan so i enjoyed the movie for what it was. interesting family dynamic that was used.

Alias - UGH!!
I thought this would grow on me, but Jennifer Garner does not make a good spy. the action was pretty sloppy… i wasnt very intrigued either by the set up. The show didnt keep my attention. watched two while doing other things, then tried watching two more and a few minutes into the 4th i shut it off… maybe cuz it’s dated… i dunno… just wasnt that great. surprised it had so many seasons.

Watching the Newest Version of Nikita while i type this. pretty cool show. i never watched the last one that was on USA, this seems to have a good amount of action and is all about her against the agency that trained her. I like it so far.

House of cards season 3. That is all.

Sherlock is a great series. Really liked that and hope they come out with more.

I still gotta watch season 2