What do you do for a living?

We had a thread in our old forums and wanted to start the thread here. We all come from different walks of life. So post up.

I am a Program Manager for an I.T. Company. Boring nerdy project management stuff. I also moonlight on special occasions at the Glory Hole.

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Custodial Engineer at Gunny’s Glory Hole and spirits. Working my way up to bartender. It is nice to be done with that bitch on rotation bullshit.

I actually work for my family’s construction buisness.

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Network Analyst for a large hospital right outside Philly. I work on servers, networks, virtual servers and network appliances. Windows and Linux OSs. I understand what the cloud is.

I’m also President of the Sexy Grexy fan club.

I’m a software developer/product manager for a software company that specializes in grocery store pricing systems. The software that controls pricing and sales for independent grocery stores - there’s a good chance I wrote part of that software. Or trained users. Or installed. Or headed up a beta rollout. Etc…

IT crap, and percussionist with several bands, and community orchestra.

I work for Bell Canada, which is essentially the biggest telecommunications company in Canada and one of the biggest in the world. I love my job. I do installs and repairs for telephone, Internet and TV service and have lots of freedom, sometimes more then I should. But, the best thing is that there is nobody looking over my shoulder all day and harassing me.

U.S.A.F cable/Antenna craftsman. I install and maintain communication systems, lan/wan, satellite, switches, phone switches, computer connectivity…basically everything on JBSA and camp bullis… A glorified cable guy with 4 times the know how and 1/3 of the pay.

I aspire to be black mail photographer of the glory hole.

I’m seeing a Lot of guys on here working the same side of the street.

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Wife and I own a print shop.

I sell drugs.

Quality Assurance for U.S. affiliate of global pharmaceutical company focused on diabetes management.

Fire Department Dispatcher

Tech support / help desk. I also do web development. I do a bit of everything here including working with servers.

3rd generation Vacuum Cleaner sales, repair and installation shop guy. Father currently owns the shop and hopefully sometime soon i kick his butt out and get this place out of the 80s HA. still dont have a PC for pricing/inventory, drives me nuts.


Applications/Sales Engineer for a company that designs and builds test equipment for for the Semiconductor industry.


I have the pleasure of working with our own GRG Caveman Koldfront:


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phone is faster and more private… fap fap fap

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Medical Coder for hospital in Los Angeles, work from home in SC. Assign numerical “codes” on patient accounts based on their admitting diagnosis, chronic conditions, history, and procedures done while admitted. Work at my own leisure, no complaints here.

High school Personal Finance and Marketing teacher. My second job is personal driver to my two sons. I put more hours in driving to and sitting at sporting events than I do teaching.

Systems admin, tech support, phone support, printer support, tablet, cell phone, etc. I work for a medium size real estate company with multiple locations. Only person doing my job, so it’s not too bad.

Bell does kinda such. I had to get Rogers where I live to get over 100 Megs.

Maintenance team leader for Dyno Nobel’s detonation cord plant in Kentucky. They let me fix machines and equipment that makes explosives. I thought it was supposed to get easier the farther up the ladder you got I must be doing something wrong all I get are more headaches.