What Does The PS4 Pro Mean For Project Scorpio?

Unless you’re completely oblivious to non-Xbox gaming news, you have surely heard about or even witnessed Wednesday’s PlayStation Meeting. Such a moniker carries with it that “big deal” event status for which Sony was obviously going when they invited journalists to New York for the unveiling of their worst kept secret, the PlayStation Neo, now officially known as the PS4 Pro. Maybe you aren’t in the market for the device, and if not, you’re not alone. The reaction has been less than stellar for Japan’s electronics giant. Still, the PS4 Pro has now and will continue to have influence and similarities to Xbox’s forthcoming console, the intriguingly codenamed Project Scorpio. With a likelihood of several months between where we are now and where we’ll be when the Scorpio is given its proper reveal, we thought it would be prudent to speculate and infer what the PS4 Pro may likely mean for the Scorpio.

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So far the Pro does not interest me in the slightest.

The Scorpio may, but I still have plenty of time to make up my mind on that one.

The Scorpio is the more powerful machine… On par with gaming pc’s with the 6 teraflops. I’m not going to buy one of either at launch. Possibly pick up a ps4 on the cheap though. :wink:

Yeah at this point I have no interest in a “more powerful machine” as long as it can play the games I enjoy I’ll be good with what I got.