What game would you most like to see announced during today's EA Play Live?

EA’s digital showcase, EA Play Live, takes place today, June 18th, at 4:00pm PT / 00:00am BST / 7:00pm ET. There’s been little hint of what could be shown, leaving a lot of room for speculation about what might be revealed. Rumours about a new Battlefield, cross-play for Apex Legends, a new Dead Space, or even Dragon Age 4 are flying about, and we want to know: what game would you most want to see announced?

Star Wars: Squadrons was announced earlier in the week, as was Madden NFL 21, and it’s likely we’ll see more of these two in the event. Star Wars: Squadrons in particular was a huge deal: a new Star Wars game had been rumoured for some time, under the codename Project Maverick, but this week’s announcement made it official. It’s set after the Battle of Endor, featuring a single-player campaign as well as multiplayer, with EA saying there will be “strategic first-person 5v5 multiplayer dogfights alongside your squadron”. We already know the release date — October 2nd — and you can already take a look at the Star Wars: Squadrons pre-order info, but aside from the announcement trailer, we haven’t seen too much about the game itself, so EA Play Live will hopefully give us a better look. Likewise, Madden NFL 21 has had a short announcement trailer but not too much other detail, so it’s possible that we’ll see this too.

Yet those two games could only account for a small part of the event, which EA says will “bring players closer to the game franchises they love”. Past EA streams have shown new instalments to the FIFA, NHL, and Battlefield franchises, as well as new indie games. EA hasn’t confirmed what might be shown, but we want to know: what would you be most excited to see announced during EA Play Live?

  • Battlefield
  • FIFA 21
  • Dragon Age
  • A new game from Hazelight
  • Dead Space
  • A remaster of the Mass Effect trilogy
  • Something else
  • None

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