What I like so far about E3 - WHat I'm looking forward to

We Happy Few - Seems twisted and interesting enough to try out during the preview and decide for sure.

Dead Rising 4 - C’mon, really? Why wouldn’t you want this one?

Death Stranding - This just looks very interesting, although there is very little info on it.

Days Gone - Sorry, I just love my Zombie Apacolypse games, but this and Dead Stranding may just be what the doctor ordered for me to stop using my sons PS4 and getting my own…


We Happy Few was a big time like for me as it seems very Bioshocky.


Forza horizon 3 looks good. the only arcade racer shown for this fall. Pretty much everything at sony’s conference, and titanfall.

Really excited for titanfall. Scratches that itch

Whoops, I meant to have that here also.

I didn’t notice the X1 logo until it came up at the very end of the trailer.
I don’t have that console - crashed me right to earth that did…

Totally agree about the Bioshock feel.
Maybe I’d be content to watch someone else play - depends in part how long it is and how the story is told…