What if Destiny 2's Progress followed you?

Polygon has an interesting article asking “What if Destiny 2 allowed you carry your progress over to any platform?”.

This is something I’ve been saying about games for awhile now. Especially for MMOs. I’ve been saying this about Elder Scrolls Online, I think it would be a good selling point. Take your character with you regardless of console or PC.

I know we have a lot of Destiny players. On XB1, PS4 and soon to be PC. And I know a lot of guys have multiple platforms. How great would it be to just log on whatever and continue your progress? And do you think that’s the next step companies take?

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It would be great and I am one of the people that would double dip.

As far as it being the next step I don’t know. M$ is doing it with first party play anywhere titles and you only have to buy it once but it has to be digital. I am not sure if Sony’s hard heads would be ok with it. I could see it happening more on Xbox/Win10. Just not sure Sony would jump in as they are already fighting cross play.

I also don’t know the tech side of it. Wouldn’t they all have to use the same cloud? Or do the Devs have to have some type of system to transfer and convert your files?

I’m sure the tech side could be figured out. Your character is just some table in a giant database really. And Bungie holds that.

I’m sure Sony would shit all over it with their exclusivity. That would be the biggest thing holding it back. Can Sony control what the company does with character data?

MS wants cross play, not the same but similar.