What is your goof around thing you do in BF1?

We all know there’s a certain amount of fuckery and goofing off in Battlefield titles. What things do you like to do that would be considered straight up fuckery?

I think I found my new favorite thing to do in game. Snipe with the AT Rocket gun as the Assault class. This is a very satisfying kill. Tonight I got a very long distance rocket kill. You know this is pissing the dude off. I love it.

My goof off thing is playing scout class… opposing snipers find it funny I think.

Seriously though, smoke grenades.

I started off with this, and yes it is fun. But, like I said last night - take a shot and then move quickly, not easy to hide.

I turn my Xbox on.



Seriously that’s all I do.

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Silly question … I get a TANK !!!

I just discovered this last night…I had a blast