What Movie is that?

Okay, so I’m kinda bored right today and Discord is quiet and there’s not much going on here so I thought I’d start a new thread/game.

Upload TWO pictures from a movie and then below them [spoiler] put the movie title as a spoiler [/spoiler] so people can guess. Don’t check the name like a pussy though. Whoever gets it first post the next one.

I’m gonna start with one that most in here I know have seen, from my horny youth.


[spoiler] Hardbodies - 1984 [/spoiler]

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when I was a kid

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LoL… way to start off the contest. I can’t in good conscience answer because I had to look… but LOL…

If that don’t set the tone I don’t know what will!

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yeah, me too. Im old and forgetful and the 80s were a long time ago!!

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Whenever I think of T&A movies when I was young…this is always the first one to pop into my head.

Hint: This movie introduced me to Vixen too